I have just finished a small UK tour with Teitur in October which was quick but cool...I am about to start working with singer/songwriter Athena ( doing a show at The Barbican in London and recording her new album just after,which I am looking forward to greatly. I have been doing some gigs with Mark Butcher which have been great fun and there are still some more to come. (
Thea Gilmore\'s new album STRANGE COMMUNION is out on Nov 2nd on which I played.Its brilliant.Check it out on her site (
I also have played on the new album of Katy Lied which is called ECHO GAMES. Get a listen of that at their site (
To top that all off I also did a session recently, which next summer will be one of the most heard pieces of music throughout the world! I recorded the official FIFA theme for the World Cup 2010 in south Africa !!!! Thats cool for a footie fan like me....But Liverpool lost again today.....Bummer...

Posted 2009-10-31 17:21:38

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