I have just finished a small but perfectly formed UK tour with Teitur, which was small but fun. I am about to start working with singer/songwriter Athena. We're due to do a show in The Barbican in London and soon after record her new album.I have also been gigging with Mark Butcher, which is always fun and there are more to do. Thea Gilmore's new album on which I played,STRANGE COMMUNION is out Nov 2nd and is brilliant. ECHO GAMES by Katy Lied is another record which has just been released on which I have played. All these things can be checked out by going to my my space page and they are on my top friends. On top of that I have recently done a session that will be heard constantly all round the world next summer.....The official FIFA theme tune for the World Cup 2010 in South Africa....For a footie fan like me that is a big deal....

Posted 2009-10-31 17:37:49

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