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Patricia and band on the last show in Canada.jpg
Patricia Kaas tour 04.jpg
Patricia Kaas tour 04.jpg
Patricia tour Brussells.jpg
Russia 2005.jpg
set up for Breed 77 album.jpg
south of France summer 05.jpg
stage P.K.2004.jpg
The Great Wall in China. Knackered!.jpg
tour buses 2004.jpg
tourist in Beijing.jpg
with B.J.H. in Berne.jpg
with fellow drummer Steve Barney.jpg
with Paul from Breed 77 and Ron st. Germain.jpg
Zurich with B.J.H.jpg
Dubia desert with Pascal.jpg
having a good time.jpg
on stage with Patricia.jpg
Patricia Kaas rehearsals.jpg
wine and footy in a dressing room in Poland.jpg
with bass player Derrick Mcintyre.jpg
with legendary American producer Ron St.Germain.jpg
Me with Thea and Jo Wadeson and Jim Kirkpatrick.JPG
That click is there somewhere !.JPG
Thea Gilmore.JPG
Thea Gilmore at The Sage Gateshead.JPG
Thea Gilmore soundcheck.JPG
Thea soundcheck.JPG
with my French drum tech the great Domi Cartier.jpg
Barclay James Harvest - The Prague Philharmonic Soundcheck
Behind the defensive wall
Hi it's Me!
Rajko Colin Ian Noz and Me  Band and crew bonding
Set for BJH with Prague Phil Dec 06
Stop hitting the cymbals when I'm markin' the kit up!
With BJH and Prague Phil Dec 06
So they think plexi-glass can silence me!